Is it a radiator or underfloor heating or a radiator floor?

Retrofitting underfloor central heating… Is it possible? The answer is yes.  On my heating crusade I stumbled across a new product (new in New Zealand that is) called Variocomp which is made by Variotherm or is that the other way around.

Variotherm’s floor heating systems turn cold stone, tile, laminate or wood parquet floors into comfortably warm surfaces. They provide a cosy warmth: in living areas, hallways,
kitchens, bathrooms and offices.

I know, I know… it sounds like underfloor heating… I can envisage people hitting their heads on their desks, swearing at me through their screen and looking for the “escape” button… but wait!

The Variocomp system is warm-water based. It is therefore cheaper than electric underfloor heating systems which I have to say is the curse to my heating crusade. Mention underfloor heating to a Kiwi and they will instantly perform the pub haka searching for their wallet.

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Wake up to Central Heating

What is the fixation with living in one room during the winter months when the temperature dial heads South?

Why Kiwis settle for just ‘spot-heating’ was published on in early July 2017.  The article provided a balanced review of central heating and it benefits. It clearly highlighted the fact that Kiwis hunker down, preferring to heat one room, during the winter months. Why? Is it because heating is simply too expensive? Have Kiwi’s never really experienced central heating? Is it just a simple case of education so Kiwis “get it”. Surely its time that Kiwis woke up to central heating.

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