Hot Topic takes a personal look at the quality of housing stock in New Zealand. Of particular interest is heating, energy prices, the latest global trends and future proofing homes to ensure they are comfortable.

As an Expat who has lived in New Zealand for 12 years I continue to be amazed at the poor living conditions of everyday Kiwis who continue to struggle in poorly insulated homes, with minimal heating.

I don’t foresee the trend getting any better for Kiwis despite the increase of new builds. Minimal building standards mean that we are building homes to a basic level. Shouldn’t we take stock of our current situation and focus on the important things when it comes to building. ┬áIs an en-suite more important than whole-home heating? Will our beautiful sub-divisions today become the slums of tomorrow? Are we future proofing our homes in preparation for future developments and heating systems? Hot Topic takes a look at the construction and energy industries to find out.

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