Why aren’t more buildings heated using geothermal energy?

There are 800 houses being built by a single developer in Sydney Australia.  The developer took the decision to install a ground source heat pump in every dwelling.  How cool is that?  Actually… You could argue its not cool at all, its actually warming.

A series of green pipes in a basement room.

This is just one of the discussion points of an article published by abc.net.au. The article looks at the largest closed-loop geothermal system in the Southern Hemisphere and is well worth a read.  It contains a an explanation of what geothermal heating is and its benefits.

The inner nerd in me really enjoyed the article which was in response to a question from Don Fletcher who has lived in Canberra for “something like 40 years”.  Don worked at the ACT Government as an ecologist and has recently retired.  Like me Don is interested in his country’s energy future, and wants to know more about alternative sources of power.  Geothermal is just one of them.


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